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KoumanKe’le’ African Dance & Drum Ensemble

(832) 859-2156
1839 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX, United States

Texas based cultural dance company, KoumanKe’le’ African Dance & Drum Ensemble, is a dynamic and energetic performance troupe that presents traditional West, South, and Central African Dance and culture and its transitions in this country. Comprised of continental Africans and African Americans, KoumanKe’le’ African Dance & Drum Ensemble’s repertoire includes traditional and contemporary dances of Guinea, Mali, Ghana, South Africa, Senegal and the Congo.


Our mission is to present, educate and preserve African traditions and culture through quality artistic performances.


We want to reconnect current and future generations to the history and traditions of the Diaspora, along with its transitions and current applications through dance, drum and culturally educated performances and presentations..

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