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Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble

P.O. Box 130903, Houston, TX 77219

The Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble is a contemporary dance company that specializes in commissioning new music for dance and incorporating musicians into the visual imagery. Sharing the stage and the focus, our dancers and musicians break the boundaries of traditional ensemble interaction. Performance works include original choreography and music as well as improvisation by all performers, creating a spontaneous performance environment where anything can happen. The Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble is known for innovative format, bold subject matter, and wide range of music spanning from classical to jazz to avant-garde and experimental.

In 2014, the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble was presented by the Festival of New Trumpet Music at the Village Zendo in NYC. In June 2013 the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble premiered ARTCAST, an Internet Television Series that featured dance, music and film created in Houston & New York City, on YouTube. In November 2014, we premiered ARTCAST Season 2, 8 episodes featuring dance, music and film from New York, Houston, Vancouver and Los Angeles. In January 2012, the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble performed as part of Dance Theatre of Harlem’s Sunday Matineé Concert Series. Notable commissions include a new site-specific work for FotoFest International’s Biennial in April 2012; notable collaborations include the premiere of two new works with legendary bassist and composer Rufus Reid at Barnevelder Theater in Houston, TX. In December 2008 the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble traveled to Sweden to create a dance and music on camera project with the Norrbotten Big Band, an internationally acclaimed jazz ensemble based in Luleå. The Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble returned to Sweden in December 2009 for live performances with the Norrbotten Big Band at the Stora Salen Theater in Luleå and the Akusticum Theater in Piteå.

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