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Mitsi Dancing School

(832) 638-2185
9889 Bellaire Boulevard, Houston, TX 77036

Mitsi Dancing School (MDS) was founded in 1984. Over the past 30 years, MDS has grown into one of the largest dance schools in Houston, and offers classes to a wide range of students age from 2.5 years old to adults. Our professional staff, high level of our students and proficiency in classical ballet allowed us at our annual recital incorporating all our students to produce timeless classics such as: Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Cinderella, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland with many more to come. In 2013, MDS students competed in the America’s Got Talent show and entered quarter finals. Their performance was broadcasted live from the stage of New York’s Radio City Music Hall through national Television to a nation-wide audiance. Many of our graduates also moved on to greater success and pursue their study at prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT while continuing their love and passion for dance.

MDS continues to comit to provide dance students in the Houston area with classes of the best quality, and a lot of performance as well as compitition opportunities. Students of MDS and the non-profit Dance of Asian America are able to receive P.E. credits for their dance classes during middle school and high school as well as use performances throughout the greater Houston area for their 100 community service hours required for high school.

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