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Nritya Houston School of Dance

(281) 537-1044
Houston, TX

The Nritya School of Dance was established in 1982 and has over 70 students across locations in North Houston, Bellaire and New Orleans. Locations in North Houston, Bellaire, and New Orleans, see class schedule for details. Bharatanatyam for all ages.

Artistic Statement

A great city is defined by the strength of its cultural life. I aspire to add to Houston’s rich culture, by inspiring, educating, and stimulating the creativity of her young citizens. As a teacher of Bharatanatyam, the classical Indian dance form in the Kalakshetra tradition, I offer my students a glimpse of a very different place, thousands of miles and thousands of years away from today’s Houston. In addition, Indian Folk Dances are also taught at Nritya. Through numerous public performances with these students, moreover, I have the opportunity to share this art form with the greater community.

I believe my art has the potential to broaden minds; my ambition is to extend its reach to anyone wishing to celebrate diverse traditions, regardless of their economic situation. It is my firm belief that a quality arts education, especially for the young, can open a critical gateway to a lifetime appreciation of and involvement in the arts. I seek to promote the creation and presentation of quality artistic work, and to foster a love for the arts in our society’s youth.

My vision of Houston is a city that prides itself in valuing and encouraging education, diversity, and art. I look forward to participating in the state and national arts arena on behalf of our great city.

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