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Dwight Baxter
JUNE 15, 2020
Four decades dancing for Broadway and Hollywood, Dwight Baxter’s career involved constant preparation and teamwork. See him at and follow him at

Sheldon Williams
JUNE 8, 2020
Sheldon Williams discusses the history and essence of hip hop dance. Follow Sheldon at and, and his crew iLL TRiBE Dance Crew at Sheldon references this Ghost Crew video:

Alde Lewis
MAY 31, 2020
Alde Lewis shares how he made his dreams come true by applying himself and one simple piece of advice. Follow him at,,,

Joel Aguilera
MAY 24, 2020
Joel Aguilera talks about how he came to be a choreographer who blends bboying with Latin jazz music. Follow him at and

Kristina Kousoudas
MAY 16, 2020
Kristina talks about Middle Eastern dance and culture. Learn more at

Marissa Cantu-Harkless
MAY 13, 2020
Marissa Cantu-Harkless talks about college life as a Texas Strutter, her career directing drill teams for public high schools, and her hopes for this summer’s virtual programming. Follow her at and

Michael Whitmire
MAY 5, 2020
Michael Whitmire talks about sharing culture as a way to make friendships and memories. Follow him at and SALSA GRANDE at Micheal references this video during the discussion:

Jeffrey Louis
APR 27, 2020
Jeffrey talks about being a sponsored athlete for Monster Energy and his new online training program FitBreak. Follow Jeffrey at and Follow FitBreak at,, and

Rathna Kumar
APR 22, 2020
Rathna talks about Indian dance history and how it’s significance has changed throughout time. Follow her at and

Shamond Powell
APR 21, 2020
Shamond talks about health and positivity. Follow him at and

Samantha Taborda
APR 21, 2020
Samantha talks about what contemporary dance is and how she does it. Follow her at and

Maria Fernanda Urbaez
APR 21, 2020
Maria talks about overcoming a physical disability and loss on her path to doing what she loves. Follow her work at,, and

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