Dance Houston 2014

The Houston Dance Lab Bang Bang Choreographer: Traci Greene Dancers: Clara Chapman, Arden Burleigh, Jannah Collins, Katilyn McElroy, Jayla Wright, Jordan Gregorcyk-Landrey, Mallory Green, Trevon Johnson, Emily Criswell, Euriah McQueen, Rebekah Dillard, Bailey Flowers Music: Bang Bang by Extreeem Entertainment Hip-Hop and Latin Dance Director: Elyssa Ortuño Company Assistant: Carlos Herrera Choreographers and Dancers: […]
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Afoot! A Marching Band Extravaganza

Dance Houston provided artistic and technical support to “Afoot: A Marching Band Extravaganza” directed by Allison Orr and Krissie Marty of Forklift Danceworks.  In doing so, Dance Houston contracted eight local choreographers to work with marching bands from University of Houston, Milby High School, and Austin High School on a challenging and unique collaboration involving […]
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Grantmakers in the Arts 2014 Conference

This piece was created for the Grantmakers in the Arts 2014 Conference to embody the broad range of movement that defines hip hop today: breaking, battling, and synchronized crew choreography.
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