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Dance Houston works with college students to develop their professional skills through on-the-job training. Students with specialized skills in social media are encouraged to apply.


  • Interest in dance, marketing and/or community service
  • 60 hours minimum over a duration of 6 weeks or longer (build-your-own-schedule)
  • Ability to create and implement social media campaigns
  • Transportation to/from events and meetings


  • On-the-job work experience in the unique environment of a performing arts organization
  • Being a part of a team of dedicated professionals and volunteers who enjoy our work and take pride in the services we provide the community
  • Flexible schedule
  • A letter of recommendation detailing responsibilities and accomplishments
  • Good vibes about doing good for others!

To apply:

Send email stating your area of interest and general availability to  Students of No Limits may register for camp to be eligible for an internship during camp. 

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